Manufacturing Process

From start to finish, each of our carefully crafted custom pieces carries a 7-14 day manufacturing process:

Graphic Design & Drawing - When your order is received we will first review your handwritten image and upload it to our design software

Laser Cutting - Using environmentally friendly, high grade 304 steel, your design is cut using top of the line laser cutting technology

Cleaning & Polishing - The raw cut metal is then put through a rigorous cleaning and polishing process to remove any residue and imperfections in the metal for maximum shine

Metal Plating - The refined piece is now 10% plated in your chosen precious metal

Assembly - Your custom piece now receives its final assembly

Quality Control - The last and most important step is quality control, ensuring your piece meets our manufacturing standards

Packaging - All of our clients receive each of their pieces in individual jewelry boxes for protection and safe-keeping

Shipment Dispatch – Packages are then shipped globally using the local carriers of your region. Due to high demand, customers should expect a four to five week turn-around time from the time the order is placed to the time your packages arrives in your mailbox.




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