Why One of One?

Why do we buy the things we buy?

Lets put the necessities aside for a moment and talk about the clothes, jewelry, watches, scents, lotions and potions we spend trillions of our hard earned money on – what is it all for?

Whether you realize it or not these things, in large part, represent self expression - a combination fabrics, textures and metals that is uniquely you.

At the very core our handcrafted jewelry pieces represent that special uniqueness, something we can wear and carry with us that holds deep meaning that nobody else would ever be able to fully understand or replicate. A piece that only you posses.

Whether you are purchasing one of our custom pieces for yourself, or to spread joy and love to the people around you, don’t take for grated the impact it will have.

Maybe it’s that special name you call your daughter or son, a little saying that your grandmother used to recite. A drawing perhaps that your grandchild made for you or a little note from a loved one that is no longer with us.

These things aren’t just names and words from a generic template of sayings and fonts, they are part of your life’s DNA, presented precisely in the written form that make them so special.

Our custom jewelry pedants and products are about you, about self expression and encapsulating your cherished memories into a beautiful wearable that will last forever and represent who you are.

We are honored to be part of your journey. Never forget that you are love, you are unique, you are one of one.

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